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Raised and cultured in 70's/80's Detroit. Refined by America's Air Force as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Tech for 22 years.  If you know what EOD is, let's talk about it.  My love of cigars started with the Cuban's folks were sending to the Desert from Europe.  Being stationed at MacDill AFB in Tampa opened me up to YBOR City's rich history in the world of cigars that got Tampa the nickname "Cigar City".   This is where I've met and smoked with so many people on this journey.  I listened well. "Try this stick with that bourbon, or this scotch..."  I did and it definitely matters how you pair good cigars and good spirits. 


I'm not one to force my reviews on folks, but I educated myself in what’s good to me.  That education process is never-ending.  The best part is reaching that zone

when you take that deep breath and let it out with an "Ahh"....  I see and know so

many of you are on the same journey. 

Smokewell Drinkbetter is what the journey is all about.

We’re Doing It.  


All shirt/logo designs and website design are created by Motowncool.

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